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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is actually a mental state that we experience all the time. Whether you realize or not, you go in and out of hypnosis several times a day. If you’ve ever watched a great movie, and not realized how much time has passed, that’s an example of hypnosis.

You are never asleep with hypnosis. Hypnosis is merely consciously using that natural state for personal change.

Can I really be hypnotized?

Anyone who has an IQ above 40, is able to follow clear, simple instructions, and who is willing to be hypnotized.

A common misconception of hypnosis involves a potential client thinking that they may be “too strong-willed” to be hypnotized. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The stronger your ability to focus and concentrate, the faster and easier you will go into hypnosis.

Are you a hypnotist or hypnotherapist?

The words are interchangeable, and no title is better than the other. Nearly every major hypnosis organization gives their graduates who complete training courses the option of choosing either the title they want.

There is an ongoing legislation issue which has everything to do with the word “therapy” and nothing to do with the word “hypnosis.” It comes down an issue of title protection. Many forms of therapy are licensed. There is no licensing program for hypnotists in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. The trainings and regulationsare handled by private organizations. Once again, the choice between “hypnotist” or “hypnotherapist” is most often a student checking a box on a membership application form.

Many of my clients have informed me that they began their search looking for a “hypnotist” rather than a “hypnotherapist” as perhaps they had previously gone a therapeutic route and did find success. I appreciate the sentiment, though it is an unfair comparison as, once again, the words are interchangeable and equal.

Am I asleep?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of each day constantly. The use of hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958. It is completely safe when practiced by an experienced, professional hypnotist. It is only dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery, so hypnosis audio products should not be listened to in those circumstances. There has never been any documented case of hypnosis doing harm to a person.

Will I lose control?

No. Hypnosis is a state of mind that requires you to always consent. You will be fully aware of what I am saying during the session and cannot be made to do anything against your own morals. You cannot be made to tell secrets while experiencing hypnosis.

I had a friend who tried hypnosis and they said it didn't work - what happened?

The success of your experience is dependent on two factors – the client’s willingness to change and the skills of the hypnotist.

If the client doesn’t have an honest desire for change, such as a smoker who is only seeing a hypnotist because their spouse wants them to quit, they are not prepared to accept the suggestions. If, however, the smoker is fed up with the habit and no longer wants the cigarettes to be a part of their life, they are primed for success.

Hypnosis is not a “cookie-cutter” process. I will custom-design a process to help you reach your goals.

How long does it take?

Rapid change is possible with hypnosis. Most of my clients are scheduled for a brief series of sessions, as my goal is to provide you with the most effective hypnotic process in the most efficient use of your time. This model allows for an effective series of sessions with continued reinforcement, self-hypnosis training, and proper customization for your unique set of needs.

Most people begin to experience benefits from the very first session, though hypnosis is a process.

What does it feel like?

Even people who have gone to a hypnotherapist before have been disappointed. Why? Probably because the hypnotherapist explained little or nothing about what to expect.

And then those people don’t think they were hypnotized because what happened didn’t meet what they expected to happen.

Many people think they will experience some strange, unusual state that they have never experienced before. They think they will be “out of it”, or “under” like some anthesia.

DO NOT EXPECT TO GO TO SLEEP OR LOSE TOUCH WITH REALITY. You will be able to hear, remember, and experience everything that is going on around you.

All hypnosis is a state of physical relaxation, and heightened mental attention.

Most people report feeling very relaxed or pleasantly lethargic. Many clients are surprised at how “normal” the experience feels, as many have been conditioned by movies or television to think there is a “magical feeling” that suddenly washes over you.

Your mind will be alert and perceptive of the suggestions it is receiving. Your focus will be directly on your experience or the words of the suggestions you are receiving.

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